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Adding PayStack payments to your Ionic 2+ application – Part1

In this tutorial, we are going to create blank application, then add Paystack payment to the application just created.


It is assumed that you have setup your development environment, if you have not quickly do and if you don’t know how, check my earlier tutorial on getting started with ionic2 before continuing with this tutorial.

1.  Create App

Change directory to you project folder in my own case – C:\ionicdon> and run the following command

ionic start myPaystackApp blank

Type Y at the prompt  Would you like to integrate your new app with Cordova to target native iOS and Android? (y/N) y and press enter key

Run your App

After installation is done, change directory to the newly created app – myPaystackApp and run

ionic serve –l


The above image shows the output of the targeted devices i.e. iPhone, Android and Windows Phones in a browser


2.  Integrate Paystack API

Before you can integrate Paystack API to your ionic application, you need to first create account with paystack at paystack.com

Click on signup as shown in the above diagram. You will be directed to signup page, there you need to fill up all the fields, in my own case I filled the following information

Business / App Name: myPaystackApp

Your Work Email Address: laide.lawal@ionicdon.com

Set a Password: #Ionicdon123

Note that you need to change the above information to suit your desire

Then click Create My account.


At this point, you are in and you need to introduce yourself, i.e. you need to fill up the following field, as usual I filled the fields as follows:

First Name: Laide

Last Name: Lawal

Phone Number: +2348023020838

Are you a software developer?: Yes, I am

How many people work with you at myPaystackApp? Under 10 employees

Then click complete the signup process, you will be directed to your dashboard after.


At your dashboard you will see the following information

Your business is currently in Test Mode – this means there’re a couple more things to finish up before customers can start paying you online. The guides below will show you how to do this

Scroll down the left pane to settings, and click on “API Keys & Webhooks” as shown below

Note down the API keys, because it going to be used in your app later in this tutorial.

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